Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Playboy Hollywood Nights Duo Eyeshadow in 27 PartyI found this in the bargain basket at the till at my local chemist (I must sound like such a druggy, I'm always in the chemist! Ha) and it cost £1.99. I've never really noticed that Playboy did cosmetics and would've never thought about even trying any of it (I presumed it would all be very OTT like the Playmates) but I was drawn to this bright pink box like a makeup magpie. Besides the cute pink box, this duo eyeshadow palette is actually very lovely and comes with a nice little brush which is surprisingly really soft and usable. One colour is matte and is a pale-yellow beige tone and the other is a grey-purple tone which contains a bit of shimmer. These are quite creamy for a powder - which I always like - and blend really nicely. These colours can be matched up with a darker shadow to help create a nighttime purple smokey-eye or just used on their own for a daytime look. A great find.

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